Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday (ok, 11)

There are a few things that I thought were just too great to keep to myself...like I would be doing you a disservice :)

Jesus Culture

1. A band that is new to me, but I am sure has been around for a while named Jesus Culture. AMAZING! From what I understand, it's a band as well as a conference. 

2. Found a cheap, cute website for preggos: Kiki's Fashions! I would compare it to the equivalent of Forever 21...cheap clothes that will last you about a year and then just might fall apart, but to my knowledge, pregnancies don't last that long :)

3. Karen Kingsbury! She got me into reading...actually, the book "The Shack" got me into reading, but Karen got me into speed reading, ha! Here is a link to all her books: Karen Kingsbury's Complete Book List. I still have a few more to go, and I haven't been disappointed yet. I am currently on "Take Three" (a set of 4 total...I think the last one is coming out this summer). My all time favorite series is the Redemption Series. There are 14 books total that are about the Baxter Family. The Redemption Series consists of 5 books, then the Firstborn series (5 books) and then the Sunrise series (4 books)...I wish she would have kept going but the endings were perfect! I am always up for suggestions for new books! I just borrowed a few from a friend...some are secular books so we will see how I like those.

4. Polka Dot Design Invitations. You think you are done with showers, but I don't think you ever really are! I have two of my best friends (one is my sister-in-law) getting married this year and about a million friends are pregnant and I have opted to throw a few showers and I got a few of the invitations from this website. Wonderful! You can even check the clearance for cute cards, too!

5. My shameless plug for our Christ Church Saturday Night service! My husband, Grant, leads the service and we have an awesome band that plays every Saturday night. If you don't have a place to call home, check us out!

6. Camp Electric my job! If I was a 13 through 18 year old, I would LOVE to be at this camp! It's a worship camp for students...and no, I am not getting a bonus to endorse this...I honestly love it that much! 

7. Interior Design. I have my degree in Interior Design and love to do it! 

8. Pickles!!! My fav are Claussen pickles! YUMMM! And, this was BEFORE I was pregnant and it's just upped like a million times!

9. My planner! It's a Franklin Covey and it's giraffe print! If you know me, you know I love me some animal print!

10. My Blackberry. I used to be an iPhone person but now I am Blackberry all the way! Love it!

11. Yes, it's not a very even number, but oh well. My new TV obsession: "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution". I think he is up to episode 4 and you can watch them on Hulu.com

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