Friday, June 4, 2010

A Million Reason's Why

It seems like I took a month or more hiatus from blogging! But, I guess summer is the busiest time of the year for The Nixon's. I thought I would give you an update on our lives before time got away from me again!

  1. It's wedding season! With wedding season come showers galore! 
  2. I have been on 2 trips to the beach in the past 2 1/2 weeks. Once to Destin where Grant was the speaker for a Senior's retreat and the other time was for Amanda's Bachelorette Weekend in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach!
  3. This is the busiest time of the year for my job, Camp Electric! Our camp weeks are July 11-15 and then July 18-22 so we will pack up and move to Nashville (where the camp is held) for that I will probably be absent from the blogging world AGAIN at that time. But, you are forgiving people, right?!
  4. I threw two wedding showers on back to back weekends. My sister-in-law (in above picture at the beach) is getting married in 13 days! AHHH! And, one of my best friends, Grace, is getting married two days after Camp Electric ends! The picture of Grant and I is at the "Western Themed" Shower for Grace and Mark at our house!
  5. I am now 26 weeks pregnant (picture is 25 weeks, picture below).
  6. Grant has been busy planning summer events for the youth and working on our Saturday night services at the Arlington campus! Pretty soon, trips will take him out of town for 3 weeks and then we have about a week in there and then I am out of town for an additional 2 weeks. 
  7. I have about 3 1/2 months left in my pregnancy! AHHH! It's cool but scary at the same time! That time is assuming Maksim comes on time (which they never do, right?) Always either earlier or later. My vote has always been earlier for him. I just hope not TOOO early. 
  8. We have been picking up a few cute things here and there for Maks' room! I think we pretty much have everything but a rug for his room and we just need to paint it. We have the paint ready, but haven't really had a free moment to do anything with the paint. 
  9. The youth group is about to head out to San Antonio, TX here in a few weeks so I am excited for them!
  10. AAAAANNNDDDD, last but not least, I have my first baby shower coming up! AHH! I haven't even registered yet! Any tips?!

That's all for now! Who knows when I will be back on but I will make an effort to try!