Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Beginning Stages of Maksim's Room!!!

Some people might think I am jumping the gun working on my baby's room, but here's my reason's why I am starting so early:

#1: I am an interior designer, so besides the actual BIRTH of my baby and all that comes with it, this is pretty high on my priority list!

#2: If you guys know my job, Camp Electric, you know how I disappear off the face of the earth from pretty much June through beginning of August. Our camp is July 11-22nd (two camps in there) and we pack up and move our office to Nashville for about 3 1/2 weeks. So, I figured I would start now working on my ideas. 

There used to be a magazine named "Domino: The Guide to Living with Style", but it went out of print (devastating!). They still have a book for print that I have yet to get but have looked through and LOVE:
Anyways, so I was looking through their November 2008 edition (yes, I found this a while ago) and found this baby room that I fell for right then! It was in the home of Jenna Lyons, J.Crew creative director. Her whole house was this theme. Well, if I had a girl, I wasn't sooooo keen on this room idea because I thought it fit better with a boy's room. Well, whalla! I am having a boy! So, here we go! Here are two pretty bummy pics I took of the magazine that I still have tabbed from that day!

I even tried to get Grant to go for the name Beckett back when I found this article, but he x-nayed it (I googled that's real!) I am not sure if you can see the colors as well, but they are yellows, blacks, and whites. Some of you may not see this as a typical boys room but I will change your mind by the time the room is finished. Granted, I don't want the room exactly like this...I won't paint whole walls black and I definitely won't stripe the ceiling...only people who can pay to have that done do it, honestly. And, I have a feeling that Grant and I would paint one stripe and give up since we would be painting on our backs on ladders, ha! 

I am wanting to bring a blueish-grey color into the room some how, so my colors for Maks' room will be yellow, black, white, and blueish-grey with pops of fun stuffed animals in there!

I have a friend that Grant and I have known for years, Jenny Beth, who has her own company, The Preppie Peonie, and she will be working with me on our bedding for Maksim's room. 

Here is one picture that may be closer to the actual design I will do. I don't plan on doing the cow print below the chair rail, but I may do atleast one wall with black under the chair rail...or possibly black and white stripes. Grant doesn't want Maks to feel like he's in a prison though, so that one might be experimental. 

My goal is to find a fun black and white print for the bedding...I don't want all white bedding...that could be a disaster when accidents occur!

Hannah, one of my best friends from college, has a white tree decal in her baby, Ivy's, room and it got me thinking about decals for Maksim's room. Here are a few that Grant and I will narrow down...we are obviously not using them all! Ha! 

These decals are from Dali Decals and they are SOOOO cheaply priced (or I wouldn't be doing this...did I mention we will be doing this room on a strict budget???) You can get the decals in any color, so if we decide on any of the animals we will probably do them in black. I know a lot of people are scared of black, but I will break that fear...just wait! The decals are priced as shown, so with the two whales, the price is only $15 which is CRAZY good! The plane is the most expensive and the name is right up there for $40, but you get two names for that price, so we would do Maksim Samuel. We may decide on just the initials...we will see! 

So,the next step is to find the specific fabric we want and go from there. Til next time! 

P.S...if anyone needs design work done (I do more than baby rooms), my degree is in Interior Design, so just let me know!


  1. love love love what you have picked out.... soooo doable.... i cant wait to help on this room. i am OVERJOYED!!!! next week its on. ps i will look on websites on my phone while we are driving this weekend and text you what i find.

  2. Hey Angela! Congrats on your pregnancy! I also mourned the loss of Domino, and I remember seeing that nursery! So cute. I'm glad I found your blog--I have one too :)

  3. I think you're smart for jumping on this project. The sooner you get it together the sooner you can relax and worry about other things. Smart move little momma!

  4. The whale and owl wall decals look really cute and just right for a child's room.

  5. So nice..any wall you put on..they are just amazing.Love it.Thanks for sharing and keep posting for more.