Thursday, May 13, 2010

"You of little Faith...why do you doubt?"

Yes, two posts in one day! One was a test run for a new app Grant got me for my Blackberry. The picture came out entirely too large, so I will have to mess with the app a bit (I had to fix on the normal computer). Grant and I have been blessed to be able to go to Destin, Florida Sunday, so I plan on updating from my new application! I have such a sweet, thoughtful husband!

Today I was reading in my devotional (that I LOVE and have recommended a ton on my blog!-See picture below) called "At His Feet" by Tiegreen. 

The verse today was from Matthew 14:22-32 about Jesus walking on water. We often hear about this in sermons, but there is something cool about reading it again and a getting a renewed message from the passage. In Matthew 14:31 it says: 

"You of little faith," he said, "Why did you doubt?"

And, I often feel like Jesus says that to me...sometimes DAILY. When issues come up like our huge medical bills for Maksim, an unexpected expense with maternity leave, cars dying, lights at church failing to work...(a lot of my faith issues come with finance worries)... God ALWAYS pulls through and I find myself saying "Why did I ever doubt?" God is CONTINUALLY FAITHFUL to us in more ways than we could ever imagine! 

Here is a tid bit from the devotional: 

"If our ears are truly open to Jesus, we will probably hear such a rebuke daily (referring to Matthew 14:31) It is a gentle rebuke, coming from One who understands our frailties better than we understand them ourselves. But it is a firm reminder that the life we live is to be radically different from dependence on our human senses and reasoning that most of the world understands." 

Today's devotional ends with this (and I will, too):

"We must get to the point where we hear His voice alone and become deaf to all others. Then we will know what it's like to walk on water."

Chinese Sub & Jerry's!

Thanks to my sweet friends who made my birthday dinner and dessert WONDERFUL! Dinner at the Chinese Sub Shop and then dessert at Jerry's Sno Cones! Both of which I was introduced to this year! I am spoiled!
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday and Mother-To-Be Day

It's been a while since my last post! 

WELL, it was a crazy fun weekend! I had my birthday and Mother-To-Be Day all in one! I was extremely spoiled! Grant got me a new camera (see other post) for my birthday and for Mother's Day he bought me a dozen roses and spending money for our Florida trip! Grant is speaking at a retreat in Destin and they GRACIOUSLY allowed me to come along! And, my bosses GRACIOUSLY allowed me to go! So grateful! We have 6 days of not doing anything at all! It's going to be super nice!!! 

My side of the family got me a prenatal massage! Sooo nice! I think I am going to hold off on cashing it in until after Camp Electric...when I will need it! Grant's parents got me a pedicure and manicure!!! NICE! I think everyone wants me to relax!!! 

Here is a super cute onesie that my bosses bought for me! It's from The Bomb Mom Website which is TobyMac's wife's website! They got me a maternity shirt and a onesie for Maksim! 

My wonderful friend, Chelsea, took me out to eat at my favorite restaurant, OLIVE GARDEN! She was passing through on her way to see her parents and stopped in to see me! She gave me some fun shopping money and I bought some maternity shorts (I wish I could wear these shorts all year round when I am not even pregnant. I have a complex with shorts...always have and maybe always will unless I wake up one morning and I have Heidi Klum's legs!) and I bought this cute onesie for Maks! I know, I know! #1: It won't be baseball season when he gets here and it's a newborn onesie, #2: he won't be able to wear it for long, and #3: The Braves are pretty much on a losing streak right now, but faithful fans will stick by them!!! It might be kinda mean to push this on Maks, but he's gotta learn young! 

I have a little more shopping to do with my shopping money from Chelsea and I will have a BLAST doing it! 

On my actual birthday, we had one of my favorite lunches! Spaghetti with my family and then after my Mom left for work, my Dad, Kristina, Matt, Grant and I went to Lowe's to pick out paint colors that matched these bowls/place settings that Mom has and we painted her kitchen! It took us about 3 hours tops even with clean up! I was impressed! She was totally surprised! Here's the end result!

It's funny how paint can really change a room! It even makes her table look better and new! It goes with the country look of the space. My Dad and Kristina looked at me funny when we started the bottom color...they were unsure about it, but I think now they love it! It even makes the dark blinds pop!!! 

My Mom and I are throwing a shower for my sis-in-law this Friday so I am excited to use the new space! 

More pics to come! Showers galore this weekend!