Monday, July 30, 2012

Almost that Time of the Year

I (almost) love this time of the year!

This is when everything leads up to my favorite season- Fall! That means birthdays, CRAFT SHOWS, fall colors, not 100% heat...

We celebrated Grant's birthday yesterday with having a few close friends over. We had tacos, strawberry cake, bottled coke and IBC Root Beer, played cards, and watched the Olympics. Love that everyone made the trek out to our house.

The next event is Maks' birthday! The theme is "Disney's Cars"! I had originally planned on SpongeBob Squarepants, then Maks started loving Cars, then Toy Story, Curious George... I can't change the theme as many times as he changes his mind. So, Cars it is!

It's been nice to settle back in at home and organize, clean, and attempt to get a routine going. Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Out of House, Out of State

I like to be on the move.

With Maksim I stayed couped up in the house for 6 weeks, I believe. With the twins and Maks, I like to get out of the house even just to go to my parents or my in-laws. For my sanity and to see adults.

My Mom and I decided to not only just get out of the house but out of the state- to Ohio and Pennsylvania to be exact! 12 hours and counting is just the drive time.

We packed up my Mom/Gigi, Maksim, Piper Grace and Jude and started the journey last Thursday. I was anticipating a pretty awful trip but surprisingly we made it from Memphis to Nashville with no stops. That's a good 3+ hours and we wouldn't even have had to stop but we didn't want to push our luck. The babies eat about every 3 hours during the day and they were going on 6 by the time we stopped. Let's just say all of the kids did AH-MAZINGLY!

We visited both of my grandmothers (grandfathers have passed), most of my Dad's family and Mom's family. It was wonderful!

I think the trip took a toll on the kids. I had a pity party for a few minutes thinking I was a bad Mom for subjecting my kids to an unfamiliar environment at such a young age (twins are a few days shy of 4 months). But, I did this with Maks too (he's a traveling fool!) and he's turning out pretty awesome!

We did end up cutting our trip a day short because the babies sleep schedules were off as well as Maks' (mostly Maks'... This kid woke up at 6:30 every morning, if that, and he typically sleeps in until 9:30) and his 2 year molars are coming in and he's been miserable. Like REAAALLY miserable! And, this Momma is just ready to have things back to normal at home and attempt to get a family schedule going. Something consistent.

Yesterday, my best friend, husband, and best Daddy turned the big 2-8! He is away at Kids Camp so we are ready to just have everyone back together! Here are some pictures from the trip as well as pics to celebrate my hubby's big bday!

Note about my new blogging style:
I found a blogger app so I can update from my phone and let me just say- it's AWESOME! But, as of now I don't know how to insert pictures anywhere else than at the end of the post and without captions. End of note ;)