Friday, April 23, 2010

The Fabric is IN!

Maksim's fabric came in this week!!! I am going back and forth on the paint color for Maksim's room, but the fabric, bed set, and curtains are all picked out. Here are a few quick pictures!

Here's the fabric!!! AAHH! I love it! The animal fabric is for the bedspread, bumper, and window treatments! The polka dot fabric is for the bed skirt. The background color is black (if you can't tell).  

(Below): My WONDERFUL other preggo friend, Laura was shopping at Hobby Lobby the other day and saw these black hanger holder things (don't know correct term), but they are $40 so we will be waiting on mega sales before we buy these! But, HOW perfect! Giraffe and elephant are EXACTLY what are in the bedding! The last one is a lion, so that's a maybe, but perfect!

(Below): And, here is the crib from Target :) I love it!

Now, all we need is Maksim!!! (Not quite, but BOY are we getting excited!) Grant got excited looking at kid toys today...mostly because he can't wait to have an excuse to buy cool boy things. 

I am half way in my pregnancy today! The Lord is soooo good!


  1. HOW STINKIN ADORABLE! Those wall hangs are so cute too! They'll be 50% off before you know it!

  2. so...I don't know you (I work with Candace Jerkins and somehow randomly came across your blog), but those animals were on sale at Hobby Lobby on Monday for 1/2 off! Just thought I'd let you know!