Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursdays!

It just seems to be the perfect time of the year to be thankful ...although it shouldn't be the ONLY time of the year, by no means!

Today I am thankful for many things:

My wonderful husband, GREAT father and preacher, Grant!

My sweet baby! We really are so blessed! He pretty much only cries when he is hungry, sleepy, or wet. I hope we get this lucky with all of the rest! But, I would still be obsessed if he wasn't such a sweet one, can you resist this face?

My new business venture, Premier Designs! Who doesn't need a little extra cash and this is an exciting business to be a part of! I had a hostess receive over $500 in absolutely FREE jewelry this week! Crazy how good the benefits are for hosts AND jewelers! As a jeweler you earn 50% of all of the profits. I am really excited to be selling this fashionable, trendy, and fun jewelry!!!

Family. I guess with having a baby, my love and respect for my families has tripled! And, you should see everyone with Maks...they are like mush! Here are a few pics of the grandma's! Funny how much Maksim has changed and grown just since these pictures!

Friends. Restored Friendships. Deeper connections. New friends. All of the above. We are extremely blessed to have a bible study group who has been meeting for about 2 years now (maybe more) and also have the advantage of having several different friend groups from church as well!  Our bible study group is actually having our annual Thanksgiving party a few weeks early! Can't wait for some fried turkey! Here's a picture of the spread from last year! Makes my mouth water!

Weight Watchers. You will all think I am crazy, but I do enjoy Weight Watchers! My goal was to have the baby weight gone by I technically have a few more days...13 to be exact, so we shall see. Not looking good, but I am making extremely last deadline to have the weight gone is Christmas. Good news is I am back to my "fat" pre weight baby...just not back to what I was right before baby when I was doing WW. The reason I like Weight Watchers is because I can eat what I want and just have portion control. I know there are critics out there who say it's not healthy and all of that, but I have found a diet that works for me, so I am going to stick with it until it quits working. AND, I hate vegetables (except the bad ones like potatoes and corn) so that limits my ability to "diet". I have tried to tough it up but it doesn't really work. AND, with the spread above, you will be glad to know that I can count two things on that table now that ARE Weight Watcher approved. Last year I had a WW buddy...this year I am on my own, so it seems! 

Work. In an economy where jobs aren't stable, I am glad that I have a job that I truly do enjoy. 

Christ Church-our church. I am thankful for a church that is moving in the right direction...not flawlessly, but moving all together. I am thankful for my husband being on staff and really desiring movement and direction in the church. I respect that and appreciate it as a member of the congregation.

Baby Mobiles. See two posts before this. Maksim has just started to realize mobiles and LOVES them. I tried one morning laying him in his pack and play so I could brush my teeth...comb my hair...look presentable and I found him laying there laughing and kicking his feet! So sweet! Here is a picture: 

My relationship with Christ. I am thankful that I live in a country where I can serve my God and have the opportunity to live out my faith. 

Today is Veteran's Day and I am abundantly thankful. No words can express the gratitude for all that has been done and sacrificed.

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