Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh, how life changes!

I never would have thought this time last year that Grant and I would have Maksim this year! How amazing!!! I am excited for the holidays. I think I have bought Maks 6 Christmas outfits so far. Pics to come! Have I mentioned that I love being a mother. 

Here's a picture of my happy baby!

This was when my sister, Kristina was baby sitting him and had him propped up on a pillow playing and watching tv. 

Tomorrow Maks will be 12 weeks old!!! I can't believe how time has flown by! Grant tried him out in his Bumbo the other day...I don't think he knows if he likes it yet: 

I have started putting him in his Bumbo and bringing him into the bathroom with me while I get ready. As long as I talk to him, he seems to be ok! 

We are about to venture to Aunt Amanda and Uncle Michael's house this week for Thanksgiving. Funny how much changes with your packing list from when it was just Grant and I:
TONS of outfits! Including Christmas outfits
Shoes (pretty much for looks)
Pack 'N Play (for sleeping)
Play Gym
Bath (maybe, maybe not?)
Sling for Mom's ease
Heavy Blankets for sleeping
Pack 'n play cover
Changing pads

....and I am sure I am forgetting something...just funny how life changes...I am thankful!

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