Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Salsa & Ketchup, the new Veggies!

I have been stinking at bloggin! UUGH! I promised I would be better about it then I am. I just always think I have nothing to say but EVERY TIME I start writing, I end up having too much to say! So, I just need to make myself get on here more often. Right? Ha!

This post might be a bit scatterbrained because I have let my mind not blog for so long. But, here we go.

So, I have a problem with not eating vegetables...if you are a faithful blog follower of mine (all 3 of you) then you will know this is an issue for me. But, now with being all preggo, I have to think about the baby. My prenatal vitamins I have been taking have folic acid which I hear is a good supplement for the non-veggie eaters, so that makes me feel a BIT better, but still. I stopped and thought about how many vegetables I eat and here's what I came up with. I love salsa, I love ketchup, pickles, edamame and potatoes. So, I am good, right? Ha! Probably not! The other night I made a meal and I ate my edamame with didn't really go together, but I made it work. And, I pretty much eat pickles every day...some might be fried...just kidding. I do love me some fried pickles, but those are a rarity. After looking at my fairly unhealthy vegetable list I just couldn't bring myself to eat any cauliflower, broccoli, or asparagus. So, hopefully the supplements will be enough.

All that to say, I don't consider my self an unhealthy person....I am a very faithful Weight Watcher follower, but I am aware that I need to get those veggies in my life. But, ughhh! The torture!

I had another doctor appointment yesterday and all was well. I am about half way through my 12th week! On Friday I will be out of the first trimester! WHEW! What a relief! This past Monday at my appointment the doctor just let me hear the heartbeat (a wonderful 162!!!!), asked me how I was feeling and that was about it. He said the next appointment will be about the same as this one...just checking the heartbeat and sending me home, but the NEXT will be when we find out if it's a WHOPPING BOY or a DAINTY GIRL! My luck, it will be the other way around...but I will still be happy even if my girl is a whopping boy size. Grant and I joke that we hope the baby doesn't get my child bearing hips, especially if it's a boy! Any votes on this matter? I feel like most of the women in my family think it's gonna be a girl...Grant would love a boy (I think because he knows a girl will have him WRAPPED AROUND HER FINGER!)...but in reality, we will be excited with either a boy or a girl. Not saying that just because I have to, ha! The Lord knows and has a plan either way. The doctor did confirm that there is only one child swimming around in there, though for all of those who got your hopes up.

In other preggo life, I ordered my bridesmaids dresses for both Amanda Nixon's wedding (wonderful, bestest sister-in-law) and Grace Walker's (WONDERFUL friend...even after really getting to know me!) wedding. You would all die to know the sizes. Pray for this ole preggo! If they truly fit in size I just might cry! The dresses are really my least of worries...if I get cankles... you might see me with pants on under the dresses! Naw-it's kinda fun to get pregnant in the weddings as long as I get the sizes right. I have also given in and am in the maternity pants. Yes, Yes, it might be a little early, but boy do they feel good. I can still technically fit into my jeans, but they pretty much cut into my skin and the belly band thing was making me nervous. I kept thinking it was going to ride up and show my opened pants to the world! So, I got me a good four pair of pants to wear for the duration of my pregnancy and I should be good to go!

I don't think I have updated my blogging world to what is going on with Grant's ministry and our wonderful church, Christ Church. That's what the picture on top of the blog is all about. A few months ago Grant and I went to California, California (I feel like a song should go there...) and while we were there on a Youth Specialties trip with my job, we attending a church called Newport Beach Church (I think I have talked about this in my past posts) and it was just AMAZING. Grant and I talk about getting out of the car and walking to the church and kinda getting nervous about the whole "who are we going to talk to"..."this is going to be awkward" kind of thing, but it was amazing! We were invited by some friends we met when we were at our booth representing Camp Electric who invited us to their church and the guys actually were volunteers who were a big part of who made up the church. So, from the second we walked in, we felt welcome. We were greeted by several people (come to find out all of this was strategically planned-the people that greeted us were part of a welcoming group...brilliant idea!) and ended up being spoken to in a great way from the Lord. We left there thinking that Memphis needs something like this. After overwhelming support by our church staff, Christ Church has decided to allow Grant to run a Saturday night service. Here is our website (Grant did the website...I think that if God hadn't called him into the ministry, he would have made a GREAT graphic designer!):

Here's a tid bit from the "what we are about" section:
Saturday night at Christ Church is a place to encounter the fierce love and forgiveness of God. It's a place of incredible worship that celebrates our freedom in Christ and dynamic bible teaching that helps bring truth to transform your life. It's a place to connect with people who are right where you are in life. It's a place to build meaningful relationships. It's a place where we do life together. It's a place for those looking for something different. Come and see.

So, if you are in the Arlington, Memphis area and are looking for something different, this service starts Saturday, April 3rd.

This was a blog about salsa and ketchup being the new veggies, my pregnancy, and God. I consider that pretty successful, don't cha think? Ha! Til next time...hopefully I will be more diligent about blogging!

BTW-I am frustrated with blogger and the layout of my pictures. I used to be able to move them around and not have as much trouble....any comments?


  1. I just love you and your blog! I'm so glad baby Nixon is doing great! I'm also glad to hear that I'm not the only one needing to wear stretchy pants/maternity pants all the I currently have my pants fastened with a safety pin and zipped. LOL!!! My vote is a boy :)

  2. I love your blog....and of course, I love hearing about MY baby boy and his precious wife...and my soon to be born grandchild....Boy or girl...they will be loved dearly and prayed for daily...

  3. You will have to keep me updated so I will know what to do when I get preggo since I'm not a veggie eater either, haha!