Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paging All Doctors...All Doctors

I don't think I have seen this many doctors and doctor offices in a while.

It started with my Mom who has had back surgery and all kind of check ups since then.

Then, my sister, Kristina went to the ER Saturday followed by my right hand surgery Tuesday, the twins 4 month check up and then my Dad having an emergency appendectomy last night. I have had enough. But, unfortunately, it's not over for me. I have my left hand surgery for carpal tunnel in 6ish weeks. But, until then we are trying to stay clear.

For the twins 4 month check up, Piper Grace is 14 pounds, in the 50th percentile for her weight and a healthy little girl. Jude is 13 pounds, 10 oz and in the 10th percentile for his weight but 50th for his head. Maksim has a huge head as well. All the better to learn with! Ha!

As I write this I am rocking little girl to sleep for their first night sleeping in their cribs. We have been instructed to let them cry tonight if they wake. Super sad but I know necessary. They are growing up too quickly.

Maks got his 2nd haircut at a salon this week and he's so cute as always. He's growing too fast, too. He's saying sentences and acting all big boyish. He said tonight when Grant was putting him to bed as Grant asked him what he did today: "PaPaw has a boo boo on his belly". We went to see my Dad at the hospital and brought him a Memphis Tigers hat. Maks didn't like it when a doctor came in to talk to Dad. He's pretty possessive. I think it's darling.

In other news, I am planning Maks' second birthday. I love planning parties and I wish I had unlimited money but unfortunately, we have a budget here, folks. I will be excited to share that post here in a little under a month.

Here are a few pictures of our adventures. God Bless. Goodnight.

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