Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life Lately

I am baaaaaccckkkk...

So, once again, I am an awful blogger but I honestly love it so I am going to try oh so hard to keep up with this :) So much to update...where to start.

Maks is 6 months old as of yesterday (shows you how long it's been since my last update). Here are a few pictures of our growing boy!

He LOVES to sip on anything we are drinking. We don't actually let him taste it, but he actually gets antsy when he sees us drinking (and now eating) anything and not letting him experiment with it. Here's a picture of him sipping some sweet tea at The Rendezvous for his Grandmommy's Birthday!

Here's a lunch play date with our friend, Laura Epting and her sweet baby girl, Izzy. Izzy has made her appearance on my blog before. Her and Maks are 2 weeks apart and that's pretty much how it was through Laura and I's pregnancy.

Happy Boy laughing!

Below at Grandpa Daycare enjoying (?) some cereal :) I think he looks like me here. 
Eating...our favorite thing :)

I always thought I would not be that person that posts everything on Facebook/Twitter about my child because I thought "who cares?" but that's pretty much my life and I care so that's all that matters, right? Ha!

At 6 Months Maks is:
-Grabbing everything
-Putting everything in his mouth
-Sitting up pretty good, but he still needs a little guidance
-Rolling when we actually put him on his stomach...he hates it (since 4 months)
-Loves his Johnny Jump up
-Eating rice cereal 2x a day and fruit as well
-He HATES green beans but loves sweet peas, bananas and most of the fruit
-Pretty much just started sleeping through the night a few days ago. I put him down at 10 p.m., he woke up at midnight and Grant changed his diaper and he went right back to sleep (he usually eats then) and didn't wake up again until 5:30 a.m.! Amazing! Last night he only slept from about 9:45 p.m. until 3:30 a.m. but that's a good 6 hours which the doctor counts as "sleeping through the night" he's making it
-We use an Angel Care Monitor which he tends to roll off of, so an alarm goes off (it monitors the baby's breathing and if it doesn't sense breathing for 20 seconds, it sends off an alarm that stops when it picks the breathing back up again). The alarm went off the other night and Grant SHOT up and ran up there and he had just rolled into a little ball by the head of the bed. He likes to sleep curled up and sometimes holding his toes :)
-He still loves his bouncer
-Does much better in his carseat (when he was first born he was great then started to hate it and is back to doing great again)
-He recognizes Grant and I as his parents and has started to cry when we leave him. Selfishly, I love that he misses us :) Bad...I know.

Update on our church and ministry:
Grant has started last month preaching full time at our Bartlett campus Christ Church. It has been so awesome. I love being at one location (not that I don't love the Arlington campus, because I do!) but I love getting plugged into this specific location. I am giving choir a shot (luckily they don't have tryouts!) and we are still doing youth group. Grant is doing an amazing job juggling it all and Maks and I are trying to tag along as much as we can! Here's our church website!

Much more to update, but I will save some for the next post. 

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