Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy 5 Months, Maks!

(I am completely copying off of my friend, Lauren's blog with this :) ~)

I can't believe it's been over 5 months since my sweet baby was born!!! It's true that time REALLY does fly by!

Here are some of your likes, Maks:

-You LOVE to hear your Daddy preach, talk, sing, etc. Any time we go to church and Daddy is up front, you will strain your neck to hear him.

-You are my little worm! You squirm sooo much! It's hard to feed you unless you are extremely tired because you don't want to miss a thing! You will jerk your head in one direction and then back to the other. You are very attentive and aware.

-At your 4 month doctors appointment, that was the first time you rolled over from your belly to your back. You rolled to the right and the left. Daddy and I looked like dummies when we said you hadn't rolled yet. The doctor had to go back to her developmental chart to change the results! So proud!

-At that same doctors appointment you weighed 13 pounds! You are growing from your preemie 5 pounds 14 oz! Doctor says you are long and lean and that's how they like it! In a world where "Biggest Loser" is a hit (sad for the people, but happy they are doing something about their weight), I am glad you are starting out just like your Daddy.  Here is a picture of your Daddy and your Uncle. I can't tell who is who. I THINK your Dad is on the left! :)

-You LOVE your Johnny Jumper! You first tried it out at your Grandmommy and Grandpa Nixon's house. I think you like chewing on it more than anything!

-You had your first snow of 2011 this past month and we actually sat you down in it! It wasn't your first time to see snow, but it was still fun!

-You aren't the best napper, but when you have someone holding you, you can sleep like a champ! 

-You helped celebrate your Grandpa Morella's Birthday last month (along with Aunt Kristina and Aunt Beeb's, too and Uncle Mikey's this month)

-You started cereal in January and you like it ok, but you LOVE IT with your fruit! Apples, pears, peaches! YUM! 

-We will see if Grandma Morella reads Mommy's blog, because sometimes, her fashion choices for you are questionable :) She's gotten much better, though :) She would blame this next picture on me not giving you your winter coat

-You are a people person like your Mommy and Daddy! 

-Mommy LOVES to dress you up and show you off! Though you rarely keep one outfit on for very like to drool a TON (I think you started teething back at 3 months) and throw up as soon as I take your bib off. 

-Dad, Grandmommy and Grandpa Nixon think it's funny, but I LOVE to give you raspberries like in this picture and make "gun" noises (as your Dad calls it) at you ...Phew, phew, phew, phew, phew! You love it! :)

-We moved you to your crib this month...yes, we should have done it earlier, but I am ok with it. The first two nights you cried for a while but the third night you cried for 5 minutes and from then on, you go right to sleep. You are still waking up in the middle of the night, but that's ok. I do wonder, though, if it is out of habit or necessary. Doctor says while you are still small, it might be a necessary feeding. 

-You LOVE anything colorful! I think we made the right choice with the colors in your room!

-You love your bouncers...for about half an hour

Quit growing up so fast :)

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