Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Who won't read a blog titled "Food"? Ha!

My sister and I started back up with Weight Watchers (I have been going by it since 8 weeks after Maksim was born, but they now have a new Points Plus System so Kristina and I decided to go to a class to learn more about it).

One place I found that is AMAZING is Genghis Grill! Grant and I got a gift certificate there for Christmas and we took our first "date night out" since Maks was born to there. We had never been there before and WE LOVED IT!

The great thing about it that pertains to Weight Watchers is that you can go on their website and "Build your Own Bowl" and it adds up the nutritional values for you on the right hand side based on what you pick.

Step 1: Choose Your Protein: I chose Chicken

Step 2: Season Your Protein: I chose Citrus Garlic Herb and Cajun Seasoning

Step 3: Pick your Veggies: Have I mentioned that I have been 3x in one week?! I stick to generally the same thing, but I have changed the veggies up a bit. What I will probably stick with from now on though is potatoes and an egg.

Step 4: Select a Sauce: I combined two: Honey Soy Sauce and Island Teriyaki Sauce

Step 5: Call Your Starch: I chose Brown rice

The total Nutritional Facts for me came out to this:

Calories: 498.92
Protein (g):36.66
Carbohydrates (g):66.88
Dietary Fiber (g):6.02
Total Fat (g):4.96
Saturated Fat (g):4.9
Cholesterol (mg):246
Sodium (mg):1793.94

Which on the new Points Plus system gave me: 11 points

Try it out! It won't disappoint!

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