Thursday, May 13, 2010

"You of little Faith...why do you doubt?"

Yes, two posts in one day! One was a test run for a new app Grant got me for my Blackberry. The picture came out entirely too large, so I will have to mess with the app a bit (I had to fix on the normal computer). Grant and I have been blessed to be able to go to Destin, Florida Sunday, so I plan on updating from my new application! I have such a sweet, thoughtful husband!

Today I was reading in my devotional (that I LOVE and have recommended a ton on my blog!-See picture below) called "At His Feet" by Tiegreen. 

The verse today was from Matthew 14:22-32 about Jesus walking on water. We often hear about this in sermons, but there is something cool about reading it again and a getting a renewed message from the passage. In Matthew 14:31 it says: 

"You of little faith," he said, "Why did you doubt?"

And, I often feel like Jesus says that to me...sometimes DAILY. When issues come up like our huge medical bills for Maksim, an unexpected expense with maternity leave, cars dying, lights at church failing to work...(a lot of my faith issues come with finance worries)... God ALWAYS pulls through and I find myself saying "Why did I ever doubt?" God is CONTINUALLY FAITHFUL to us in more ways than we could ever imagine! 

Here is a tid bit from the devotional: 

"If our ears are truly open to Jesus, we will probably hear such a rebuke daily (referring to Matthew 14:31) It is a gentle rebuke, coming from One who understands our frailties better than we understand them ourselves. But it is a firm reminder that the life we live is to be radically different from dependence on our human senses and reasoning that most of the world understands." 

Today's devotional ends with this (and I will, too):

"We must get to the point where we hear His voice alone and become deaf to all others. Then we will know what it's like to walk on water."

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