Friday, September 4, 2009

So, I guess I am now a "Blogger"???

I am joining the Blogger world!

I have been extremely hesitant to because my thinking has always been that I don't want to ramble on about mindless topics and expect others to read them. I have always been under the impression that I have to be super smart and say smart things all the time.

So, I am going to try my best to be interesting, even if not "super smart".

A little about me (I am assuming that people reading this already know me, but here we go anyway):

I am married to a Reverend! Ha! Just happened (didn't just get married, but Grant just became Rev Run as Drew calls him). Super proud of him! It's really a neat thing. Not that titles mean anything, but if you knew his heart, you would be excited for what the future holds.

We have several "kiddos". Two being Reilly (Grant spells his name differently, but I picked him out) who is a Puggle- a mix between a pug and a beagle. He was suppose to be my "purse dog" but unfortunately he now weighs closer to 45 pounds so he's not even a backpack dog...maybe a suitcase dog is more like it. Then, there is Tony Almeida, our Great Dane. I have a new found fondness of Great Danes since we have had Tony. We will probably always have a Great Dane...we might have to go through a few of them b/c they have short life spans, but they are the sweetest, lovable dogs ever! One of my favorite characteristics is that they like to lean on those who they love. So, you can be standing there outside with Tony and if you aren't careful, he could come over and knock you slightly off balance b/c he leans and puts all of his 120 pounds into you. And, Reilly is great too...just crazy! If you know him, you understand that I use the word "crazy" very loosely.

The other kids in our lives I like to say are our children are the youth group at Christ Church. Grant is the youth minister for Christ Church and that includes the Arlington and Bartlett campus. I just love them. It's great getting to hang out and get to know all of the students. You create different bonds with them and we have come to just LOVE them.

Our lives right now are pretty crazy! As of now there are pretty much only 3 nights a week that we don't have scheduled events on a regular basis but I honestly enjoy it. We start our week off on a Sunday with Reverb (our youth program) at the Bartlett campus. Monday I have girls bible study at Bartlett for high school girls taught by Jessica Nabakowski (love it!), Tuesday is now my new free night, Wednesday is Reverb for the Arlington campus, Thursday Grant leads a bible study at Blake and Allison Butler's house at 7:00 p.m. for college and past coeds (one of my favorite times of the are welcome! We have a few superb cooks that bring us food on a regular basis- Sara Hillis, Laura Epting, and E Gullett) and then Fridays & Saturdays are usually free unless there are events planned. And, that's just my schedule, but I love it! Keeps me busy!

I also work for Camp Electric ( which I am sure you will hear tons about later! I am truly blessed with my job situation!

I am going to test out how to add a picture with a pic of Grant and I! More to come later! I may even post again later today :)

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. Watch out though it's addictive!